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Chasing Piglets in the creek

Posted in Jack Daniels by marktucker on August 6, 2013

After the main shot, this morning, Lynchburg, Tennessee. Three amazing little pigs. Here’s Jon Morgan holding the little white one. How they can squeal; and then miraculously, they calm down and almost go to sleep in your arms.


Lynchburg Hot Tub

Posted in Jack Daniels by marktucker on July 19, 2013

Today, in the scorching heat. Wearing black, and looking for a solution. Relief.


Jack Daniels project

Posted in Jack Daniels by marktucker on December 10, 2012

Some images from a Jack Daniels project that we shot this past summer. Thank you to Nelson Eddy, CD; Jan Mattix, AD; Brett Sahler, producer; Tricia Scott, numbers; Anna Webb, props; Joel Micah Dennis, tech; Jon Morgan and Derrick Hood, lighting and humor; the helicopter guy; and all the fine people with big hearts who live year-round in Lynchburg, Tennessee. We’re becoming family down there.















Recent Jack Daniels Calendar

Posted in Jack Daniels by marktucker on January 2, 2012

Here are some of the images from the 2012 Jack Daniels Squires calendar. This year, the calendar block ran over the bottom-half of the images, so some of these compositions might not make sense. Just mix a drink, and squint your eyes, and imagine a calendar grid in the bottom half, overprinted. Thanks go to Nelson Eddy, creative director and storyteller; Jan Mattix, designer/AD/Good Spirit; Iris Baker, producer; Derrick Hood, David Johnson, and Joel Micah Dennis, assistants; Anna Webb, prop stylist; Randall Fanning, Getter Of All Things; and the entire town of Lynchburg, Tennessee, for being for kind and welcoming.

This one is called "Checking the Weather". This is our dear Randall Fanning, on top of Miss Emily Bedford's incredible hillside.

Leisure time in Lynchburg. Shot on a sloping hillside near the high school, on the main road. Joel is still in therapy, after being rolled down the hill (repeatedly), to get this picture right.

Bruce really does keep a miniature pony as a pet. We shot this at The Motlow House, while they shared a bowl of popcorn. (Thanks to the invaluable Ruby, for help with this image).

There's a long story about a dog that chases his own tail, but in this scene, he leaps over a long stick, at one of the barrelhouses. Jack Bateman also comes out of retirement to make a cameo appearance.

Earl holds court with The Coffee Club, at The Iron Kettle, on the square.

Chris Dickey and his dad, photographed down in Mulberry Creek, near the baseball fields. His dad makes these custom grills out of 55-gallon barrels.

Clyde Fanning, and his two canine helpers, tries to reassemble the tractor, way out Booneville Road.

Movie Night, with grilled burgers, in the big field next to The Funeral Home, on the main road. (Still unsure what image was stripped into the movie screen).

Mr. Carl Payne plots his next move, in a checkers match, inside one of the barrelhouses.

They pick on Mr. Phil Whitaker a lot. Here, he tries to enjoy his balogna sandwich, on his lunch break, but he can't buy a moment's silence.

Back cover image: Ron engaged in a game of MumblyPegs.

Front cover image: William Grogan strums an old guitar, on a fall afternoon, between The Square and Miss Mary Bobo's restaurant.


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