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Collodion poured onto Vellum paper, for enlarging

Posted in WetPlate by marktucker on October 18, 2012

Big breakthrough yesterday — we successfully poured collodion onto very thin, very transparent Vellum paper, and the image stuck. Today, more testing, and then to either contact print it in a contact frame, or else look for an 8×10 enlarger! But the texture of the vellum showing through the image is beautiful. But even weirder — the paper negative itself is something to behold — all curled up, and thin, and curled, and crackly, like some document from the 1800’s that was found in a family Bible or something. More to come… Fun. The whole process has this “Shroud of Turin” feel to it.

Update: We photographed my friend Diana today, to see what a face would feel like with the vellum. They’re hanging to dry now. Very exciting to see the texture of the image.

Resulting copy, inverted, of the paper negative, and toned.

One of the Diana negatives from today, hanging in the basement to dry. Collodion on vellum paper, to be enlarged later.

Collodion negative, on vellum paper, hanging overnight from drying. Paper was mounted onto clear glass, and then inserted into Jody Ake’s 8×10 film holder for wet plate. Amazingly, it all worked on the first try. More testing today. Imagine a 40″x60″ print, enlarged, through the vellum texture.

Here’s the image, rephotographed, hanging taped to a CStand, and inverted. This was just a thrown-together image with one light, just to see if if the collodion would bond to the paper. But so far, pretty encouraging!

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  1. Steve Burns said, on October 18, 2012 at 7:27 pm

    Mark: It’s pretty cool to watch your journey with this process. Many thanks!

    Some day soon I will most likely be off making my own cameras from institutional cans of tomato paste and running paper negs trough them just for the enrichment of my own soul.

    BTW “…or else look for an 8×10 enlarger! (Can you imagine?)” Yes I can imagine that as I used to have an Omega 8×10 enlarger that the lab I owned years ago. It was a beast to say the least!

  2. Gerald Figal said, on October 19, 2012 at 6:45 pm

    Awesome stuff, Mark. I’m inspired. Now let me see what I might coat with collodion next…

  3. Borut Peterlin said, on November 23, 2012 at 4:29 am

    huh, that’s fantastic! In the beginning of this week I was also doing some experimenting with collodion and I’m very happy woth the result. I haven’t tried to pour it on a paper, but you’ve inspired me to try that as well! Thank you!

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