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Gallery Tour: Atlanta

Posted in Personal by marktucker on June 20, 2012

Yesterday, fellow photographer Tamara Reynolds and I drove to Atlanta, on some kind of madcap gallery rounds. Three galleries and a museum in two and a half days. Slated: The High Museum, for the Picture New York show, and the Picture The South show, and also the Richard Misrach show in the basement; Jackson Fine Art to see Masao Yamamoto, Mona Kuhn, and William Christenberry’s barns; Marcia Wood; and Jennifer Schwartz. There were also two Gerhard Richter “squeegee” paintings at The High; an added bonus; also, a huge (very dark) Jeff Wall image.

Also, this morning, I forced her to stop at R. Thomas Grill for my hippie breakfast, and to see the birds and the flowers outside. There was this one parrot that would lay his head against the front wall of the cage, so that you could reach through and scratch the top of his head.

Roy Lichtenstein sculpture, in the courtyard of The High Museum.

R. Thomas Grill, on Peachtree, my old health-food standby. Birds in cages, and flowers in pots. Paradise, right in the middle of the city.

Abstract folk art piece.

Detail of abstract folk art piece

Reflection of museum visitor in one of the large New York photographs.

Inside The High Museum.

Reflection of Tamara Reynolds, in one of the giant Jeff Wall prints, at The High.

Reflection of me in one of the large abstracts. This is the way I’ve felt the last few days.

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  1. Pat said, on June 22, 2012 at 10:48 am

    Masao Yamamoto has riveted my attention for a long time – his imagery is mysterious and universal in a quintessential Japanese way. The whole trip looks marvelous, actually.

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