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G.P. Fieret, at Deborah Bell Photographs

Posted in Interesting People, New York, Photographs, Video by marktucker on December 9, 2010

YouTube video of J.P. Fieret. Click to play.

By happenstance, wandered into Deborah Bell Photographs today, with my friend Joerg. A fascinating show of the work of G.P. Fieret, of the Netherlands. He died 2009. Refreshing to see work that was so pure of motivation — it was great to see the real prints, instead of reproductions, in order to see the stained print edges, and the torn corners, and the folded prints with creases. Click the image above for the short YouTube video.

To make it even more surreal, Fieret seems like he could be confused so easily with Miroslav Tischy. Here is Joerg’s recent post about them.

Separate from this, I attended the Alec Soth lecture at FIT the other night. It was dense with thought-provoking concepts. I’d be interested to see how others felt about it. It’s still rolling around inside my head, a day later.

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  1. hlinton said, on December 28, 2010 at 3:06 pm

    Not that it matters much but Tichy is actually Czech at least according to Wikipedia:

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