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Posted in Personal, Photographs, Random Image by marktucker on October 9, 2010

A friend of mine kept a Vision Board by her desk in her office. I’d never heard of the concept before. But recently, I’ve seen a couple references to them. For me, I keep this Folder on my Desktop, and when I see something on FFFFound or Yimmy or Eric Baker, I just drag it off into that Folder. Later on, I found a way to dump them into Lightroom and easily make a 5×7 print of each one. I’ve started plastering one of the walls in my new office with these prints; and soon, they’re going to take over the room. (But what a nice way to be reminded of what/how you want to shoot). I tend to be drawn to tight faces, or historical images, or damn near anything that’s Hasselblad and B/W. I just use this board like a “Mental Rudder” to stay reminded of what’s important, and to keep the flame alive, and to keep shooting for myself, and to keep exploring. Part of me wants to spray them with glue on the back, so they become a permanent part of the room. Imagine your entire office, covered with wonderful images.

Phase one of the prints that hopefully soon cover every inch of my walls.

Also, yesterday, the postman brought me this beautiful package wrapped in brown kraft paper. My dear friend Alison Donalty in NY had sent me a housewarming gift. She’d seen a group of artists on Etsy do a series of famous quotes, on letterpress. So this sweet little poster arrived, along with some other smaller cards, done by Mary Kate McDevitt, in Portland. The outside of the package was so nicely done that I waited for several hours before even opening the package. Then, by last night, my curiosity got the best of me. How nice to touch real paper again, and run your fingers over that ink. (Everything I do now seems to be done on this Macintosh and FTP’d; I rarely make a print on real paper any more). (This is about to change…; stay tuned).

Cards and poster from Mary Kate McDevitt.

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  1. Tom said, on October 10, 2010 at 10:00 am

    Not sure if you’ve ever checked out this site:

    There are a bunch of interesting sites out there — way too many to track on a regular basis. I like FFFFound (I think you turned me on to that one). The Trendland site has a lot of content that leaves me saying “why didn’t I think of that.”

    A couple other interesting ones: (the photography isn’t always great but the subjects are usually interesting).

    As for pasting stuff on the walls, just make sure to use an adhesive that is easily removable. When I moved into my house a previous owner glued stuff to the walls with serious glue and it took a lot of scraping to get it off. FIY from the “been there done that” dept.

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